Co-curricular Activities


Our students are passionate about sports and athletics and have the freedom to choose the one they like and wish to take up. We also participate in inter-school, district, state and national level competitions.

Irish Dance

Irish Dance

Irish dance refers to a group of traditional dance forms that originate in Ireland, encompassing dancing both solo and in groups and dancing for social, The intricate footwork and lively music always leave me in awe. It's amazing how the dancers can move so quickly and gracefully while keeping their upper body still. I also appreciate the tradition and history behind Irish dance, with its roots in Celtic culture. It's a beautiful art form that truly showcases the talent and skill of the performers.

Performing Arts & Music

With professionals on board, we take pride in training our students in art forms like dance, drama, painting and more. We organize exhibitions, concerts and musical events to encourage our students to own their talent and flourish in those fields.

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